She texts me first then just stops?

So long story short... I like this girl a lot. She used to have more feelings for me than I her. Now the roles are flipped lol... My luck right. I've noticed she isn't doing a ton of initiating lately and it's kinda slowed down between us talking. So I've pulled back a little to see if she would reach out. And when I text her first she's good to talk and respond all day. But if I don't. She usually will hit me up every 2-3 days just texting me first. But then everytime with no fail... When I wait for her to text first and she does. She will respond 2 or 3 more times then just disappear. This goes for her texting me and snapchatting me first. She will just not answer. Or open my snapchat and not respond? Why is this what can I do.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's not your luck. It's the fact that you keep bombarding her with texts. Being needy is not attractive.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just ignore her