Would this be a valid reason to leave someone?

I was dating a guy for a half year and things were going well at first. He liked other girl's pictures on Facebook and I was like okay fine. Later I found out he was using tinder and when I asked him about he said that he was just talking. I found out that he was regularly to another girl too and claimed that she was just a friend (she wasn't because I found out he was flirting with her etc). He began to leave flirty comments on other girls pictures on Facebook too and I was thinking it's okay because so far he's not my boyfriend but it was somewhat disrespectful because he was doing all this while dating me. We hadn't talked about where this was going because I decided to just go with the flow. He's that type of guy who will stop when he commits but by then I was already hurt on the inside. I began to pull away a little, he got upset and stared texting then starting hitting me up late because he wanted to come over, you know what I mean by that. I get mad and he thinks I don't intiate or talk to him that much but as you can see I had my reasons.. Well apparently he didn't think I was interested in the end because according to him it didn't seem that way. Nothing was wrong in the beginning, I started changing when he was doing "those" things. I didn't think he actually liked me because of what he did but I was wrong, he just didn't think I liked him but that still doesn't change his actions. I left him. He got upset and he was sad which surprised me even more and I felt really bad but honestly his actions during the time we dated was no my okay.

Was not okay****


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  • Well I do not know the site tinder but would assume it is an on line dating site, to most of those sites are bogus and people are not who they say they are.. this guy may have hooked up with one of the many gay guys on these dating sites, they just make an account saying they are a women.. then wait for guys to hit upon them and get their so called rocks off talking back and forth and the one guy trying to do the dating thing will never find this out unless the other person tells him.. so I would not worry much about this, but am glad you left this guy just the same he probably had way more secrets then that one.. the only way you know if it is the real date you is to go out in the real world and find one face to face.. do not go to a dating site nine times out of ten... gay guys with no morals and a girls name are just waiting and hoping guys come to see them


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  • I would leave, but that's me. But I can tell you if you stay it's going to be harder to leave in 5 years rather than just leaving now