Would a girl date another guy even if she was into another guy?

would a girl go out with another guy even if she liked someone else before it gets a chance to even happen ?


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  • i personally wouldn't do that.

    though it sometimes depends how long I've liked the first guy for - if I've liked him for ages (like years) and nothing had happened I might be driven to going out with another guy who I maybe don't like as much.

    but generally speaking, no, I wouldn't go out with a guy if I liked someone else!

    • Like if you liked a guy and where wanting him to make a move but he wasn't, but still kept in contact a lot and told him that you weren't that happy with the guy you were seeing ? a way to get him to make a move ?


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  • it really depends.. she might like the other guy more .. or in a different way. she also may keep seeing him because she wishes something would happen or that she will miss their relationship

  • Depends on how much I like the guy. Also, if I know there is no chance with the guy I like or he doesn't like me back, I might go out with someone else. But not just anyone, maybe I'd go out with someone who likes me.


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