How would an intellectual fall in love?


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  • No, an intellectual, realistic, logical people are the ones that are incapable of falling in love, because these type of people have their standards well defined as far as the kind of person they want in their lives, they don't go just on emotions and feelings.

    For them love is not something that just happens, for them it's a decision, it's a choice, so if they want to fall in love then they will otherwise no matter they just won't fall in love.

    Yes I also one of those who is highly logical and also realistic by nature and so I am too logical, too realistic to be in love and I am totally incapable of falling in love also. It's just can't happen for me and plus by choice "I never want to be in love also"


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  • Once they stop calling themselves intellectuals they can fall in love. Nobody likes a smart ass.

    • That's what I was thinking - so how should a girl help to "bring him down," to a more normal level, once his barriers have been lowered?

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  • They need to find someone they can evolve with. It can't be a one sided thing for them. It has to be someone who feeds them and they can feed to intellectually, emotionally, spiritually/philosophically. Someone who can keep up with them and they need to keep up with. That's where both of them will have fun.

    They won't settle for dumbing down. It's not in their nature and if they do that, they will break or feel depressed/irritable.

  • Solve a hard math equation in front of him.