Guys, would this annoy you or youd like and appreciate it?

Guys if your girlfriend tells you on a regular that she loves you... trusts you and values you would you mind? Me and my boyfriend are ldr... And i sent him a nude the other day for the first time and then i expalined to him why i sent it... Ie. Coz i trust him and that i love how he's never pressured me into doing so and that i was grateful for that. Anywys he read the text but hasn't replied. Ik he's at work and in the past he's read it snd replied hours later when he can give a proper reply. I dont tell him these things all the time but on occasion where i feel its necessary and this seemed to be a good occasion. My sister said maybe he's tired of me telling him tht i trust him etc... But i want to know what you guys think? He doesn't get tired of us telling each other that we love each other every time we speak...


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  • I would like and appreciate it.

    • Ikr... Even if she told you every so often? I mean he knows i have major issues trusting men coz of my past so i try to let him know that i know he's different... I love him telling me how much he loves me and values me...

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    • Exactly, my reaction would be the same...

    • Well he didn't bother to reply yet...


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  • that sounds over the top.

    • What sounds over the top? What my sister said?

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    • cool. wait and see when he replies. my best friend didn't reply to my facebook message about her birthday until a month and a half later. hadn't talked to her in at least 6 months prior. it's been a few hours.

    • Lol he's my boyfriend hopefully he doesn't take more than the day to reply. I do understand he gest busy what with him having to provide for all his siblings etc