Does he have feelings for me or should I move on?

I met a new guy at work and we Constantly flirt, touching, laugh. Eventually and unexpectedly he became all I thought about & I knew I started to have real feelings for him. It felt like he felt the same way about me but he never asked me out or did anything to advance the relationship. He would at times snap chat me when he was drunk &start flirty conversations. one night my friends &I went out to a bar by his apt. I wanted to run into him but didn't text him because I didn't want to make the first move. He ended up texting me &I told him to come -he showed up. My friend instigated us to kiss &at first we both tried to deflect from it saying our relationship wasn't like that. seconds later we were making out&had been all night. He ended up telling me how much he cares about me &had thought about kissing me for a long time &wondered what it'd be like. He said I was perfect and he was afraid he wasn't good enough for me. He asked me how I felt about the whole thing but i had a hard time expressing myself because I had just broken up with my boyfriend &was afraid to be vulnerable again so I just shrugged &didn't say anything. The next day at work we never discussed it but we continued our flirty ways. we continued to drunkenly hook up about 4 more times & he made it clear that was going to be the last time. He said we couldn't do this because we worked together &he was afraid he would just hurt me. I was hurt& felt rejected so I ran off &didn't speak to him for about a month. Everyone could tell he was upset ¬ himself the entire time I wasn't speaking to him. But that was the only way to turn off my feelings for him. He was so sad so I decided to stop ignoring him &we ended up reconnecting & flirting again. we ended up drunkenly hookin up again. He wanted me to stay the night to cuddle but I left because I was afraid to get hurt. I'm confused &don't know how to tell him I want more. am I just a drunken thought to him or do you think this could turn into something more?


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  • I think he likes you


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  • Oh girl! You can't imagine how many girls are looking for a guy like this.. think your life with him and without him.. what's more interesting?