Girls, Is she still interested?

I went out to lunch with this girl on Monday. The date went really well. I met her earlier this month. I texted her on Wednesday and I still haven't heard back from her. It's been 5 days. Should I try and text her again? I need some advice on this. Do girls do this a lot?


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  • Well I'd text once more and be like "you didn't want to go out again?" Lol something along those lines no corny "hi how r u" ... that's so impersonal . If she if ignores you move on. Either she been really busy mixed in with me time or she isn't there mentally regarding y'all. If that's the case best to move on. Maybe she'll reach out again or not but move on if needed be.

  • 2 questions. What makes you think the date went really well? And what did you text her?

    • It wasn't awkward, and we talked about getting together again. When I dropped her off, she said thanks for lunch and have a good day. I asked her if she was free over the weekend.

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    • Ok thanks. I also figured there's also the off chance that she didn't get the text.

    • Like I said could be a million reasons. Good luck with the second date❤️

  • I'd try again. But don't talk about "why haven't you texted me?" Just say like "heyy whats up?"
    Don't freak her out