Did I doom any chance of a relationship?

We've been friends for about two years and now I have feeling for him. only problem is he knows I hate most of his friends outside our close friend circle. His other friends are gross, fake, dating tons of slutty girls, and constantly being Pervy to me and my other friends. I just hate them and he knows it. We have many mutual friends who we all eat lunch with but outside of that I don't like his friends. Is this a huge turn off? Would u hate a girl who doesn't like some of ur friends?


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  • To be honest, it depends on the guy, me and my friends don't really like the girl my friend likes but we don't mind and usually my friend doesn't care. You probably still have a chance and also she doesn't really like us as it is but my friend doesn't care. The heart wants what the heart wants


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  • As long as he can respect your feelings and boundaries, I don't think it'd be much of an issue. Surely he can see why you wouldn't like to spend time with them?

    Try to joke about it like "How can I like you so much and not your friends? 😂" Also, he might be impressed if he knows you don't like them but still tolerate them for his sake. And if he really respects you, he needs to tell them to treat you with more respect if they're being a bother