My friends want me to date one girl, but I still hope to date another girl, what do I do?

There is this girl that I really like. I've never met another girl quite like her, she is everything I want in a girl, except there is only one problem. She lives in Southern California, and I live in Montreal, Canada. The distance could ruin any relationship, and we live in different countries which makes some things more difficult then they should be. I haven't seen her in a few months but I still really like her. I keep hoping that one day she will come back to Montreal (which could happen, it is unlikely), I have also been thinking about taking a trip to California to see her, but that would only be temporary, I dont see how a long term relationship would go. My friends tell me to forget about her and want me to date another girl. This other girl is nice, and pretty, but when I am around her I dont feel the same as with the American girl. I've never met a girl that makes me feel the way this American girl does, and I really dont no what to do. I dont want her to lose interest in me because I date other girls, because I still hope that we can be together, but my friends make a good point. Even if we could be together our families would be thousands of kilometers apart, and language barrier could be an issue. I speak French natively, although as you can see my English is good, still though I could see it being a problem. What should I do, wait for the girl I really like or try to forget about her and date this other girl?


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  • Date who YOU want to, forget what your friends think or say. It's your life and you should be with someone who makes you happy and feel a certain way. If you don't have that connection with this girl your friends want you to date, then you shouldn't force yourself to be with her. Long distance relationships are very hard but if you like this girl, I see no reason why you can't try at least. As long as one of you are willing to move closer to the other person at SOME point in the relationship.

  • Listen to your heart, it knows what it wants.


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