I love rejecting girls, is that bad?

The few chances I get, I absolutely fucking relish it! I think of all the times I've gotten rejected, all the times I got stood up, ignored, and I enjoy every second of watching their hopes and dreams crumble before their very eyes the same way I had to so many times. It's the only bit of power I really feel in this awful shitty world. I don't care if you call me bitter, bitterness is a symptom of misery, and misery is caused by life.


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  • You have low self-confidence, by rejecting girls you try to prove yourself that you are somehow superior. It is not bad, if here were not boys like you i would not be able to enjoy rejecting them.
    Does it sound mean?
    That's how your words sound like.
    You say yourself that you are miserable. You had really bad childhood, hadn't you?
    Enjoy little boy enjoy before there won't appear a girl who will break your heart and crumble your dreams, it is a part of life, you reject someone, someone rejects you, It is like a chain.
    and plus, what you call bitterness is not bitterness at all,
    strong people call it weakness.


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  • Hmm. Well there was definitely a time when I thought the same, that rejecting some women was a nice revenge on women who weren't interested in me before.

    But then I got to actually reject a couple of women... and it was REALLY uncomfortable.

    Then again, though this might seem pretentious on my part, I think I do somehow get where you come from. Yeah, the bitterness... the resentment... actually, I don't know if you will experience the same but when I just accepted I was bitter and resentful and needy because of my lack of success with women... it didn't make me *happy*, in the least... but at least... more calm. In my experience trying to NOT be bitter and resentful and needy is way worse. It feels like lying to myself, really. I don't know if you would experience the same relief, though.

    That said, for me physical exercise has also helped somewhat. Again, it doesn't make me happy. but calmer... and helps me focus somewhat more on other sides of life a bit better.


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  • Well I don't get why you'd LOVE rejection as it's just say you're not interested? I don't think you're their hopes and dreams though lol. There are better ways to go about it yes, but you can't hate on someone who potentially wants to get to know you

    • I dunno, I've rejected girls that were clearly very obsessed with me, one still holds a grudge two years later. I don't even hate them, I just enjoy the rush of power I imagine all the countless girls that spat in my face felt.

  • Why not just shrug it off when you get rejected and be happy? You should grow some self-esteem and think of it as their loss, not yours.

    • Because I constantly get rejected and there's nothing special about me? Lol, when you fail all throughout your life what the fuck is there to actually be confident about?

  • So because several women have rejected you, you take it out on other women who actually give you the thing you've complained the other girls didn't: attention? No, it's not bad, do you.

    • First off, I've only rejected really two girls, rather, one I walked out on a date, the other I repeatedly rejected. And, haha, and, sure, I may want sex or a relationship, yet I didn't want it from them. Ironically enough, if I did as I originally intended and just manipulated the aforementioned girls into sleeping with me, I'd still be the bad guy, hahaha

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    • What's wrong with first off all, cutie ;)

    • nothing, I just realized I'm gonna start adding that to my answers here and there just to be a dick to people. Not saying you were, but just imagine how offended people would get (as if I'm trying to argue)

  • Why do you ask if its bad and then tell us to not tell you its because of something bad? In this case bitternesset?


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  • I could understand this feeling if you were rejecting the very same girls that rejected you. But these are different completely innocent girls that actually like you, and you are possibly missing out on the love of your life just so you can take your anger out on someone whos never even done anything to you...

    I think that's sad

  • nice hobby you got there chief

    so do you ever see yourself settling down with a real girl,

    or is this what you consider a healthy relationship?

    • you're relishing a hobby of bringing misery to others.

      that isn't normal, and no not all women do that - you've got some fucked up justification in your head that because all women do this preimagined fantasy of yours its okay for you to be a douche too.

      newsflash: some people are scum. a lot of people are some. there's a reason #wastehistime2016 is a thing, and that gold diggers is a coined phrase and has songs written about it. A lot of women are sleezy as fuck and only in it for looks and money. but a lot of men are the same way.

      Do I consider it good? Fuck, absolutely not - what an awful way to live my life.

      But to you - it really depends on your life values and morality. inherently, as long as you harm no one - then it doesn't matter what you're doing honestly. And even this, as shitty as it may seem, you aren't dealing physical harm to them nor will they know the mental harm (since I doubt you tell them you reject them for sport). So restrictions aside - do you if your cool.

    • While I enjoy it I don't make it hurtful, I usually let me off easy

    • its going to be painful nonetheless to be rejected, but everyone is rejected.

      its entirely your choice how you want to live your life - as long as you're within the laws of your environment what you do is up to your moral guidlines and your beliefs.

  • LMAOOOOOOOo savage bro, savage!

  • That's kind of fucked up, dude.
    Honestly, if you approached girls several times and got rejected and girls approached you, why would you want them to feel the same?
    You know how much it sucks, then, right?

    Fucking date them or something and you might not have to end up getting rejection no more.

  • Misdirected karma

  • Is it bad when females do it?

    • I consider it neither good nor bad, just something that happens, just like they get a sense of superiority from it, why can't I?

    • I think it's fine. Better than fine.