You break up with your girlfriend and then find out she is dating someone famous?

You break up with your boyfriend as he is too boring, a few weeks later you find out that he is dating Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez and there are paparazi photos of them on a super yacht sun bathing and kissing. How would you feel? And they posted on instagram " found a hot guy I actually like!!!" and there are millions of likes

  • Feel happy for him
    33% (3)67% (4)47% (7)Vote
  • Feel angry and jelous
    33% (3)0% (0)20% (3)Vote
  • Regret breaking up with him and try and contact him
    11% (1)17% (1)13% (2)Vote
  • other
    23% (2)16% (1)20% (3)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Wouldn't really care. If i did care, I'd still be with him.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well if you have broken up with him then you shouldn't feel anything as such, but if you are still feeling something means you are still concerned and attached to him emotionally, but then if it's only weeks it shouldn't be too much.


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  • Considering you did it was only a couple of weeks offer the break up I think I'd feel jealous and angry

  • sry meant to press feel jealous


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