What should I do and what does that mean?

I met with this tinder guy Thanksgiving night, we chilled and ended up having Sex. we texted a lot in the begining and hung out every week but then he stopped hanging out as much because im to far away but sometimes he'll come hang out. He says he's just looking for a girl to rock with I don't know what that means? and not a relationship yet. He calls me babe, qt, hun and other cute names. we have sex everytime we hang out to. He hides me from his parents even though i didn't hide him from mine. he knows i want a relationship to...

I asked him if a "girl to rock with " is friends with benefits and he said no... what the hell does that mean? i asked a lot of my friends and they said they dont know...


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  • He just want sex not a relationship. You both have different things you want. I suggest you move on


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  • He just wants to have sex and doesn't want or see you as relationship material. You'll do better for yourself by moving on.
    At least he's honest about what he wants/doesn't want. Take that as your que to find the relationship you want but be more selective next time so as y not Dave the same issues.

  • First its none of my business but if your looking for a serious relationship or so. You shouldn't be sleeping with them on the first night. Because its just easier for them to always sleep with you without and responsibilities.

    • That was the first time i slept with anyone... pluse at the moment it felt right.