Shy guy what can I do to look more approachable to you?


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  • That's the thing about shy guys, they usually don't approach. You just have to approach. Do the approaching and be direct with it and once he gets the green light, he might start doing work from his side. If you found yourself doing all the work, excuse him, once he gets comfortable he'll be more receptive.

    • Yeah like what green light... talk more? Done.
      Stare? Done... act blushy? done.. What more?

    • Like if you like the guy just tell him straight up that you like him. A shy guy will always take the minimal possibility which in that case he will think that you're just friendly even though you're clearly showing interest, his though process will always be "maybe she's just being friendly? Yeah, I think she's just friendly." Since you've already done lots of approaching already, just come up to him and tell him straight up that you like him and want to start dating. It's a lot of work when it comes to shy guys but, I'll be honest with you, I believe that most of them end up becoming amazing boyfriends.


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  • Just talk to the guy. Engage in some light conversation (don't be too direct) and take it from there.

    Good luck! ;)

    • But then won't I look desperate

    • Try to find a moment where you can start a conversation in a more natural way and you'll be good.

    • Hmm sounds good

  • Instead you should approach him.

  • Wear sexy clothes..
    Behave like a slut

    • R u saying u date sluts?

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  • Smile and talk to them a lot.