Why didn't he reply?

We've been dating for almost two years now.. We're ldr and the other day were texting and I sent him a sweet text and usually he replies and he likes them but this time I was left on read with no reply. It's been two days and he never takes more than a few hours to reply. I take it he won't reply to that text but I just I can't seem to understand why? I feel like he might be mad at me for some reason tho nothings happened in between and before that we spoke and everything was good and he told me how much he loves me etc. So I can't understand why he hasn't replied. He is busy at work and school I know that much but I thought he'd reply still... Any suggestions? My sister said maybe he's sick of the sweet texts but we don't send those all the time and the last time we did send them he loved it... What do you guys think?


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  • I think he looked at it and smiled but was currently doing something important. So he decided not to reply assuming that the text didn't necessarily need a reply. He's been working or studying or doing whatever these last few days feeling positive about his relationship not even noticing that things may be going wrong on your end. Or he read it and just doesn't know how to respond for whatever reason.

    • Lol but he's always responded so he definitely knows how to... But yeah he read it almost instantly when i sent it within a few mins... But i never got a reply... Like i said he works teo jobs and has school to deal with... But my sister said she'd get sick of someone tellin her they lover her and trust her etc.. Whereas he knows I'm that sort of person who likes it and will always show how much i love you etc and he's always loved thay about me... So I don't know of he's sick of it... I doubt it right p

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    • So it sounds like there's not a problem and you just need to preoccupy your mind with something else. Until you convince your brain that everything's good it's gonna keep pushing to solve a "problem" that you can't even really do anything about.

    • Hmm thanks!!!

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  • Um.

    Just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean something bad. He could be genuinely busy. If he randomly goes a few hours without answering or once in a while doesn't respond, think about his schedule.

    Does he work a lot? Is he really into his grades? Does he play sports? Does he have a lot of friends? He could totally be too busy to check his phone but if he never gets back to you and apologizes for his absence? Maybe not the case.


    • I know he's busy with two jobs and college. But he read it within minutes of me sending it... But its just that he usually responds to texts like these and he even tells me that he enjoys them and they make him smile


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  • busy, lost phone, broke phone, doesn't want to text, sick of you, etc.
    there are as many innocent reasons as ominous, so don't jump to any conclusions. I'd say give it a few days, then text him, not relationship stuff, more like 'you kinda disappeared without warning, are you alive'. at least you'll find out whether he's unresponsive to all texts or just sweet texts

    • Why would he be sick of me? We spoke before thay and we were fine he told me how much he loves me andin the past he's told me that he loves the sweet texts and they make him smile... so I dont think he's unresponsive to sweet texts coz he usually replies back with something sweet. Ik he is busy woth work and school

    • Fair enough, busy'd do it, I mentioned it more to make the point that there's shit loads of reasons and getting suspicious, as some people would, isn't going to help anyone. You seem fairly confident and the relationship sounds stable so more power to you

    • It is... He is bisy and at forst it used to bother me but its something I've accepted now. In the past there's been occasions where I've assumed he's mad or annoyed at me but it turns out he's fine and he was just caught up with work. I guess working two jobs and college on top isn't easy at all.. Like i said we spoke two nights before the text and he told me he loved me etc

  • He probably read it while he was busy or whatever then forgot about it. If you really want an immediate answer from someone just give them a call, jeez :)

    • No he read it almost instantly. Ik he was at work when he read it but I don't know usually he replies even if its a few hours later?

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    • Lol we've been together for two years he's past liking lmao... We love each other

    • I was being sarcastic

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  • Phone him and speak to him? You've been together for 2 years, surely you are at the stage you can talk to him about things like this rather than asking strangers :) I'm sure everything's okay.

    • Yeah we can talknabout anything and everything. I have in the oast assumed that thibgs were wrong but that wasn't the case. It was just he was busy etc