She likes someone else. I like her. Should I keep trying?

I like this girl, but I recently found out that she likes someone else. They aren't together because the guy just wants to be friends with benefits with her. However, when both of us are together, she focuses on him more than me.

My friends tell me to keep trying. I don't want to try for her anymore, but I will regret the missed opportunity even more.

What is your opinion? Should i stick with my gut and move on. Or should I stick around and keep hanging out with her and maintaining contact?

Thank you.


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  • I think you should still keep an open mind because they also both want different things, so if things end up hitting it off with you guys go for it.

  • Tell her how you feel, be honest :)
    Keep trying :p

  • You can't be begging her to be with you. Dont hurt yourself. If she does belong to you it should just happen it shouldn't be so hard.


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