Guys, My coworker always liked me, now when he's dating, still stares and still blushes/get nervous, stutters?

Could be he still likes me although he's dating now?
I like him as well very much but now that he's dating Im scared he'll get serious with her.


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  • Just 'cause a guy is dating someone else doesn't mean he won't get nervous or the butterflies around other women he finds attractive. Just remember though, that how he treats his current girlfriend is probably how he would treat you... so as long as he's just nervous around you and doesn't hit on you or try anything funny with you, let the relationship he's in run it's course and if you're still single when / if that girl is out of the picture, then you can consider making a move. But if he goes behind her back, just remember he'll (probably) do the same to you.

  • Sure, he is still into you. The fact that he stares at you and stutters when conversing with you suggests he doesn't have feelings for his current...