Guys, we had a date and kissed, but is he really interested?

So I met a guy online and we had our first date last weekend. We had a nice time, talking and walking around in the city etc.. And then, just before he took his train home, he kissed me and I kissed back. After the date, he snapchatted me pretty often. We sent pics every day until yesterday. He opened my snap but didn't respond.. I assumed he was at least interested in me bc he said he wanted to see me again/ had a good time/ called me pretty multiple times and kept contact the days after the date..
anyway.. I know he snaps with other people too because his snapchat score is high and he's pretty handsome so a lot of girls want his attention, but still he won't answer my last snap. why would he say he wants another date/kiss me if he's not into me? I'm confused really..


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