Boyfriend doesn't want to be 'friends' on fb. Should I confront him?

Long story short, I've been dating my boyfriend for over a month now. He's about to go abroad for a few weeks and we planned to stay in touch.

He suggested speaking through fb (more like messaging) He sent me a message on there and I sent him one back. I then tried adding him and asked him if it was okay. A couple of hours went by and he then says "sorry but I don't want to add you on fb - we don't know each other that well"

Should I dump him over this? I mean, it's not like I'm trying to force him to make our relationship public or something like that. Besides, he was the one who wrote to me on there first..


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  • What... Why would you, nevermind no I don't think you should break up with him, honestly I wouldn't add my girl on FB either, because personally I don't use facebook for personal things, it's more of the business side of things, I would be comfortable with phone contact anyways, I love when there are girls that can get me off of social networks such as FB. Which was a huge time waster when I used to be on it a lot.

    • And to add on, Why would I want my facebook friends seeing my personal life? It's not their business...

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  • Yeah it's kind of shady I will admit, had to deal with this but on instagram with my ex, and trust is he didn't want me seeing photos of girls he liked or girls he followed, RED FLAG. But anyway back to you, he doesn't know you that well? Why the hell did he decide to be your boyfriend? lol. I'd just break up honestly because if he truly didn't feel like he knew me, then I wouldn't be dating him.


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  • That's just fucking weird 😳🙄
    I mean, what's the problem with adding him on Facebook? If my boyfriend did that I'd be like bye bye.

  • He's your boyfriend but he doesn't think he knows you that well? That's strange, and I think there's more behind it to be honest. Is his profile set to private? Maybe there is stuff on there that he doesn't want you to see but that would be accessible to you if you were Facebook friends. I usually don't care too much about social media, but this is really odd and you do need to ask him what's up. Just the excuse he used is enough to suggest something isn't quite right.

    • I know.. I was really upset about it after he said that. He even gave me another excuse, which was that he didn't even use facebook. He doesn't have a profile photo and everything is pretty much private - but I know that he uses it as he said he's got approximately 60 friends.

    • When he said he didn't use it, did he deny having a profile at all? If so, then something really is up. If he implied that he isn't very active on Facebook, then why did he suggest messaging on there?