If a girl does this kind of stuff what does it mean?

So last Monday I was walking with my friend at the hallway & I saw her looking at me but I just looked away. Then in class I was looking at her & she caught me looking & I just looked away again. Then later she had moved to the back of the class when I turn around I saw her looking at me. But then she had left class early.


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  • LOOK OR NOT! Just start a convo!


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  • It means you are both too shy to do anything about it.

    • Lol so you think we both shy to do anything but you think she likes me though

  • It means... She is looking at you.

    Seriously though dude, it could mean she's looking at you looking at her. It could mean you look weird. It could mean she likes you. It could mean nothing. Realistically you need to actually go and talk to someone before you find out if they like you. Try to work with her in class or sit down near her at lunch or something. Pretty pointless trying to read her mind