Guys & girls, teach me ways of how to approach guys?

Help me. I hate that guys don't approach anymore. So I need tips from guys & girls.


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  • " Hey whats up" ( Be friendly ! talk like you do. I am sure you are a social butterfly so this should be easy) Talk for a bit about surroundings anything you know how to do this. You girls love to talk.. And you know see what he's made of. He might look good but have a personality of a fruit loop or plank haha. Now while your talking read his interest. Follow your instinct and research guys interest signs n google to be more sure. If your like ahh he is not interested just be like okay cool nice chatting bye. No rejection.. No embarrassment. But if you can tell he is interested ! Just be like "Okay nice chatting with you. Here is my number text me sometime." If he is an idiot and don't take that. You don't want him anyways so no loss. Or you can ask for his number and then just part ways text him 3 days later and ask for a date. Thats all ! You can flirt but flirting is common it can just be come of as friendliness. So you really have nothing to lose.
    1 Say hello
    2 Make conversation
    3 Size him up see if he is fake.. interesting.
    4 Read his interest
    5 Get/give number
    6 Leave
    7 Text for date or wait for him to ask for date.
    8 You have nothing to fear!


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  • Bend and snap. It's as simple as that.


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  • It's too easy to come off as desperate, be calm and real. Smile a lot, and give signals that you are enjoying his company.

  • Talk to him. Ask about his interests. If you like the same things then it will be much easier. Flirt, seem positive, kind and good natured. Make him laugh. If you think you both get along then be honest about your feelings and tell him you like him and would like to go out.

  • As a girl, you can't be straight forward so your going to have to flirt. Whenever you guys look at each other, make eye contact and smile. Whenever you guys are walking together, maybe like graze his hand with your hand?

  • How do you want a guy to approach you?

  • I can't help you in that regard, but you have my respect for wanting to take the initiative for a change and apporach guys.

    • approach*

    • Thank You and guys voters for letting me know that's a good thing. Encouraged me

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys approach girls who are fine
    If you don't get approached by guys then you need to improve your looks

    • Not true. Most guys don't approach in the day. You can be 10/10 and not be approached. Most guys are just as scared of rejection as you girls are.

    • But I'm good looking @Mrmystrey28 made me feel the wrong wasn't on me it was guys fear of rejection.. I look fine and on style But they made me think I'm not by not approach me.. I think it's time to be confidence again lol