Have you ever been with a hairy guy? What's your experience?

Girls , have you ever been in relationship or been in close friendship with a very hairy guy? What has your experience with them, when and how did his hairiness become acceptable and not an issue to you? How did you overcame the initial shock?

And guys who are hairy, how has your experience with women in your life and relationship?


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  • I have no problem with hairy guys at all. Never has been an issue for me. That being said, I have never been in a relationship or close friends with a very hairy guy. My dad was pretty hairy and I guess I just see it as something natural and normal.

    • You have never seen or been with very hairy, ok

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    • Thank you for MHGirl!

    • No problem, anytime.

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  • I am a very hairy guy, and I have always kept myself away from women and relationship, I am very sensitive and insecure about my hairiness and I won't be able to handle rude comments and giggles and rejection from girls due to my hairs. Hence I have zero personal experience with women.
    I do feel they don't like a ton of hairs though. Sadly though. :/


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