He SAYS he's busy... Should I give him time to come around? Or would he make time?

We are 21, and live like 40-60 minutes apart depending on if I am at home or at college, in comparison to his college. He's like a star track athlete and has meets every weekend for the next month, and has for the last 2 weeks. The last time we were together was 2 weeks ago (as of now we are sex buds... did it twice only; He isn't having sex with someone else. I don't know if he's looking but he keeps in semi contact with me so I don't think so... Also, he thinks I'm gorgeous and thinks I'm a 10/10... Soo I'll be ignorant for now. He also doesn't party or sleep around often, that I know.) I tried last weekend to see him but his track schedule & living condition wouldn't allow it.. He tried to reschedule but then I couldn't.. Soo we haven't texted for 6 days or so. We watch our snap stories.. He said he hated postponing this and he would love to see me... But I don't know.. I'm so lonely and I want to be with him so badly. But I know he's busy with classes and track. I don't know what to do... I don't want to appear needy or like I caught feelings if I shouldn't have.. But I don't want him to "forget" about me either.. Should I keep trying or let him come to me since I seem to be trying harder to see him? Even if he is shy?


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  • If you're lonely, you probably shouldn't be relying on a fuck buddy to fix that. Just saying.

  • Yes maybe