Dating in college?

so I'm starting college next fall and I was wondering what the dating scene is like. I'm not going to a very big school, only about 3000 students. is it like casual dating, just random drunken hookups, or actual relationships?


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  • Well, every college is different obviously, but I'm attending college right now at a small state college. At this college, the dating scene is better than it was in high school. At least, that's my opinion. You see, college is a lot better place to meet people than high school because everyone isn't trying to aggressively categorizing themselves into a social hierarchy. When you meet someone knew in college, you're both adults. Many times, people don't even think about social classes. I hang out with such a wide range of people, I probably couldn't fit in to a social class anyway.

    Also, on a completely different note: even if the dating scene wasn't very good, it's all in where you hang out. I could probably find somewhere social to be in any town...


What Girls Said 1

  • Different colleges have different dating scenes. Usually if you look on college websites you can actually find specific information about the dating and etc. I can try to look it up, if you'd like. What college are you going to be attending?