Did I mess up my chances with the girl?

I threw a party yesterday and towards the end of it, the girl I really like stayed back, while everyone else left. We were talking by the door, when suddenly we started hugging. Drunken me thought this was my opportunity to take things further so I started to hug her tightly and to push up on her. She said she didn't want to do anything stupid. I didn't know when I should stop, so I kept pushing up until she said stop (playfully). I let her go and we walked out the door.

I realize now, that she probably just wanted to be kissed. Because I didn't realize the cue (standing outside my door, aimlessly talking), she just hugged me instead. Drunken me tried to take things too far and now I'm afraid things are going to get awkward or Ill lose my chance.

Did I mess up badly? How can I salvage this situation?


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