How did the best breakup you ever had go?

Breakups are never easy, by some go better than others. What was your best experience in this area?

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  • I actually broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago, and although it was my first time breaking up with someone, I'd say that it went pretty well. We were still able to communicate, and we still have a healthy friendship. I was honestly terrified, and for some reason I felt very guilty. Even though it may have hurt him, I knew that I was doing what was right for me. It was also probably good for him, since I didn't lead him on or anything. One thing I wish I could fix was maybe explaining a little more while breaking up with him, I mean it was probably 10 seconds and then I was out of there. I'd say that it went ok. For some reason, I still feel kind of awkward being alone with him, but hopefully I'll get over it eventually.


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