Why so much concern about white guys in particular? Asian, black, latino and others also exist too, you know?

Why do are so many women of color so concerned about white men finding them attractive? Some men will and some won't, regardless of race. The men I've dated were attracted to me because they found my looks and personality attractive to them. Some were white, some were latino, others were black, or Asian. I just think it's about time people just date whoever they are attracted to. I don't have a problem with women of color dating white guys, since I do, but I believe that women should not be stressed with just one race. There are attractive guys of all races, that are ready to treat you with respect. So why limit yourself and be stressed about a group of people, especially white men, finding you attractive? Not all white men are attractive. Some will like you and some won't, why care so much. So why not just be yourself, invest in yourself, and love yourself?


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  • You take races too seriously, I like living in a place where people don't give a fuck about it when dating.

  • White men are gods that's why. Who wouldn't want a gods opinion?

  • You like what you like, why is everything about race? 2015/16 years of racism against whites I guess?

    • Honestly, when I was writing this , I was wondering the same thing; why is everything about race. I'm pretty new to the site but I see so many women of color asking if white men find them to be attractive. It was meant to be a self-esteem booster but apparently the point wasn't clear for some.

  • Simple answer: Systematic oppression and media persuasion
    Extrapolated answer: Lol just go fucking google it dude seriously there are an enormous amount of factors in this relatively simple equation

  • Black women are so concerned with white guys because they think we're all easy meal tickets that they can manipulate with no problem. That, and they know that Asian guys have no interest because they will be ostracized by their families if they marry anyone but an Asian girl.


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  • Didn't read the text, I only need to know if the question was made by anonymous or someone who created his profile in the last month or in the last week to know it's the same race baiting made by the same man or even other man who created another fake account to spread shit and his agenda trying to brainwash people here.

    Why do you make this? The media and I the guess whole American politics is made to please horrible people like you and pretend that you're good by default because would be racist say something bad against you by stupid American politics, in all the shit who people like you want to fantasize, hate, invent against white and make the internet horrible, the media horrible, the life

    • Maybe you actually read what was written before you comment. And to clarify any concerns you may have; 1) I have no intention of promoting hate against any group of people 2) This is my first and only account on this site.

    • Maybe you should have read the post in its entirety before commenting. To clarify your concerns I am not promoting hate against any group of peoples and this is my first and only account on this site. My aim was not to offend anyone but to encourage the women who are so worried about not being attractive.

  • Because so many Latino , black, and Asian men dislike women of their gender and treat white girls like their damn gods, so whats wrong with women of color liking white men who actually make them feel special and unique?

    • There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and I even mentioned that in my post.

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    • you are very correct bori - most men (and women) in the us have been brought up in a system where white girls are the epitome of womanhood. Anybody that watches too much TV - if you pay attention its almost 90% saying this is better than that. When people of color do that with TV it comes out too forced and obvious.