My boyfriend is uncomfortable, or I am not understanding him?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year, he just recently got out of the military, and we haven't really talked about much as I would like to talk about with him. When I bring up marriage, a possible future together, or moving in when we both transfer to a University, he kind of says "yeah, that could work" or "yeah, maybe" and he doesn't continue on with the conversation. He recently became friends with his ex girlfriend again, they dated for 3.5 years and started talking again after a year and two months of no contact. I don't know if I am just not understanding him or if it is uncomfortable for him to talk about. Opinions please!


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  • He's probably got too much on his plate. Transitioning out of the military is rough. Give him some time and let him settle down first


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  • He's probably being smothered by everyone and thing at the moment, cool your jets and let him come to you. Leave the deep conversations for later once things have slowed down. And the ex, don't stress about her, your concerns about the future and lack of conversation is driving your imagination to conjure more worries. I know people who talk to their ex's while with their partner.

    Give him space to adjust after finishing recruit school.

  • You guys haven't even gotten into uni and your already talking about marriage and a future together? You really know how to scare a man away..

    • Um... This is not even close to helpful. I said "transfer to University", I never said we were still in high school.