Girls, what do you think I should've done in this situation?

So I was at a party with a buddy of mine. I spot this girl that I think is cute that is talking with her friend. Well my friend is a good looking dude and I told him that I saw her looking at him and he noticed it too. He, however, told me to go talk to her. I backed down because she was already looking at him and if we go over there, the girl, in my opinion will probably be disappointed and think that she got dealt the short end of the stick and she has to talk to the lesser attractive dude (even though he disagrees that I am less attractive). She would probably be like "damn it. I was interested in that guy but now I have to talk to his friend instead." What do you girls think? Should I still have talked to her? Would she think like that or maybe get disappointed?

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  • No you did the right thing
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  • Yes she would've been disappointed
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