Is it possible to be no ones preference?

I'm a plain jane, I have a round face and wear glasses, and basic but sometimes unique clothes when I can afford it. I'm only considerd pretty when I wear makeup/contacts and have my hair straight and long. I'm quiet around people that I don't know but I'm talkative and loud around my friends, it's like I have two sides. I'm usually that one girl that reads in the corner when there is no one that she knows well in the room. People that don't know me will label me as quiet, sweet, pushover, innocent, naive, soft spoken, awkward, weird, loner, strict. The negatives usually come from people that are rude in general and don't know the real me. My friends label me as cool, funny, kind, creative, intelligent, cute. I guess I would be considerd both a girly girl and a tomboy since I like to do girly things but also play action video games.
I don't really get noticed by guys, a lot of the guys in my school tend to go for the more outgoing and sport/cheerleader girls but does this sound attractive?


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  • At your age, guys don't tend to notice girls like that too much, I know all of the outgoing girls get most of the attention. I was in the same boat as you! It gets better as you get older, there are more ways to meet guys than just at school. But yes, there are definitely guys that will take interest in you! You sound like a very cool and laidback girl!


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  • Yeah it;s possible, but in your case though, it seems like you would be the perfect match for so many guys! :)

  • A lot of guys would like a girlfriend like you

  • Yes, it's possible, but it's not important.


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