Am I overreacting?

Hello I'm 20 years old and I finally have my first girlfriend for 5months now. I'm asking is it okay for me to always be mad whenever my girlfriend would take pictures of her drinking stuff/eating for snapchat for her guy/girl friends. Then like an hour or two later she'd send the pics to me... I don't have snapchat so I dont really understand the point of showing your friends what you're doing everytime. Okay so back to the question. Is it okay for me to be getting mad that she'd give them priority of her pics and not me? I always get upset about this and wanted to know if it is logical for me to be acting this way or not. I do hate feeling this way but like i just don't want none of her guy friends who probably has a crush on her looking at her pics and you know be creepy with it. I don't know how snapchat works. Okay thank you !


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  • Is it REALLY that important for you to see exactly what she's doing before all her friends do?

    • well most of her friends are guys so yeah im worried cause one of those friends is a guy friend that had a crush on her.

    • If she had a crush on him too you wouldn't be with her, he would.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yes you are overreacting; she's free to do whatever she likes