Did he lack empathy?

So, I recently had an issue with my car after an overnight shift at the medical facility I work for. I didn't get much sleep before the shift due to a part time job I work at during the day. After the 8 hrs, I leave my job at 7:30 AM. I'm exhausted but really close to home so I figure I'd be able stay awake. I'm getting extremely drowsy and wind up falling asleep behind the wheel for about 5 seconds. I can't nap at the job; it's an automatic termination and sleeping in the car outside is dangerous because it's a sketchy area. I just desperately wanted to get home. So, I fall asleep (for about 5 seconds) and wind up waking up due to a loud noise. I thought I hit something but it was my tire. I park and it's completely flat. I'm exhausted and emotional. First thing I do is contact my boyfriend for emotional support. I just felt overwhelmed and needed to hear from him. I explain everything to him and I get zero empathy. It was instant criticism: I should have drank coffee, you should have taken a nap, you shouldn't have driven over a pothole (?). Basically he said my actions created this. To a certain extent, yes. But I have no choice but to work hard now. I became even more heartbroken by the lack of empathy and support from him. Fast forward to today, I finally get my tire replaced and the man repairing my tire says that it was actually punctured by something like an ice pick. I work with a lot of women. I was recently promoted to a position which gave me an extra 5$ an hr pay increase. After news got out, a lot of women started acting funny and distant towards me so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them were behind it all. But I need to know if I'm overreacting. I need a few male perspectives.


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  • I'd say there are far more empathetic, or at least sympathetic and supportive guys out there. It sounds like your job is kind of a roller-coaster of stress, and probably the last thing you need is someone who will scold you for it.

    I don't know the full dynamics of the situation, but it does sound pretty heartless and insensitive to me, as in, this should not be considered representative of a normal boyfriend's behavior, let alone a normal friend's.

    That said, it also sounds to me like you are just so exhausted and stressed out. Just for your personal and mental health, it might help to seek some kind of lifestyle change to help you cope with the stress of your job -- anything from exercise to just kind of simplifying your life perspective, learning to relax and take it easy, count your blessings.


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  • Falling asleep driving is never ok. Please take a quick nap in the break room but your boyfriend was kind of a jerk too. He could have offered to pick you up and let you nap on the drive back to your place.