How keen is 'too keen' in the beginning of a relationship?

I met a boy 4 days ago and we clicked instantly, I've seen a couple times since. But he seems really keen he messages me constantly and tells me he likes me, he feels really open with me and that he's never felt so close to someone this fast also that he will always protect me. I feel the same to a certain extent however it feels a bit rushed? I thought he was taking the piss at first but now I'm sure he's serious. Is he just being sweet or is it a bit weird? I do like him but I'm sure if it's just a boy thing or if I should just open up more


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  • you know anything about his past dating history? maybe he's been single for ages and is really excited, or hasn't had any romantic experience so doesn't know where to draw a line. Or maybe he just really likes you


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  • He's being too pushy in my opinion.
    You can simply mention to him that it's too soon to be mentioning that stuff to you.