Is this a normal thought?

I am maybe 25lbs over weight for my height and I've got a slight bump on my lower abdomen because of it. I feel as though I'm not going to get a girlfriend at this size. I go to the gym frequently (almost daily) and I think I need to become much more tone before a girl would agree to go out with me. I'm thinking 6-pack, biceps and strong legs. Less like a body builder and more like a top athlete. Am I over thinking this? Do any other guys think this? I'm not sure what to think.

Hope that was clear enough. Please leave a comment and or message me with any questions.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No and yes;
    You can't get a girl because you aren't confident with yourself.
    But keep working out and with that, gain confidence. Just don't get douchey please; most guys that do become fit end up being total assholes. Work hard and remain humble; and find a girl who encourages you and give you positivity.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes a lot of guys do think this. There isn't a guy, or girl, in the world who doesn't think they could be more attractive in some way or another. However saying "I can't get a girl until I look like this..." is just an excuse your mind uses to avoid going out and talking to girls because it is scared of rejection. Don't fall for those games. While attractiveness does help, the ONLY thing that'll stop you from eventually getting a girlfriend is not trying. And the #1 way to improve your chances of getting a girl is and always will be going out and talking to more girls. If you're self-conscious about your looks then go ahead and work out, also learn what you can about men's fashion and that alone makes a HUGE difference in appearance. But still at the end of the day, whether you look like James Bond or Fat Albert, if you don't actually talk to girls you will never have a shot.

    So just go out there and start talking to pretty girls. The odds are you will get turned down more times than not. It doesn't matter how good you look, that's just the reality of it, the chances of anything happening from any interaction are slim no matter how good looking, or how smooth you are. But the more girls you talk to the more your odds go up and I promise you if you keep on trying you will find someone

  • I'd say don't workout for a girl, just workout for yourself and you will gain more confidence. Just keep up what your doing, you don't need a six pack but it's always good to stay in shape.