Do you think I should tell my girlfriend to loose weight?

My girlfriend lost a little bit of weight but it still bother me i dont know why. Im a fit guy that goes to the gym four days a week. But this thing is bothering me more than I thought it would. I want to tell her whats bothering me but im afraid its gonna hurt her, but im determinate to tell her one way or the other cause its bothering to a point that sometimes i think about leaving her. It may sound cruel, and i do love her a lot, but it is one of those things that you can't shake. Two things can happen after i tell her; Either she breaks up with me or she works for it and slim down (but ill take my chances). What should I do? Any advice?


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  • This will hurt her, girls are insecure about their body image, no matter how much confidence they have, it's a burden, but true. On another note, if you really care for her, her looks shouldn't bother you that much, however, I imagine you are probably looking out for her health, or at least should be. You need an indirect way of telling her. You can suggest becoming work out buddies, or attend classes together, or say you want to start this new weight loss plan and want someone to do it with, kind of make it a partner thing instead of "putting her down" because that's exactly how she will feel if you tell her straight up. Good luck!

    • Thanks. I know its gonna hurt her if I tell her straight up. But today I was talking to her over the phone, and I was telling her that I went to the gym, and we starting having a conv. about all of that, you know sometimes she ask if if im trying to tell her that "she should go to gym" ... And I always say no cause she gonna feel bad. But im sure she already got the hint, and mention that she wanna try it, im sure she noticing that im very active and that it matters to me that I stay fit. Thanks 4 your answer

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  • instead of telling her, ask her what she thinks about losing weight. its her body, not yours.