Never know if I should go for the hot guy or the average cute guy?

Im in this constant disagreement with myself regarding dating. At the end of the Day I want a serious relationship, but finding someone isn't easy for sure.

So my issue is whenever to sit and wait for that hot great guy Who will make me wet basically Just being giving me a look. Or if I should go for that average cute guy Who is probarly more available and some im not afraid of being myself around. The fear of going for the second one is that om always wondering if im settling since he doesn't turn me on like crazy.

I know for a fact that attraction does grow for me when I get to know people.. bit I dont know. Any advice?


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  • forget about "hot" or "average cute" guy

    just go for what you like.

    • I like both.. but I feel like its easier to show me and show them the good side of me if they aren't really hot. But a part of me feels like its "too safe" since they rarely sexually arouse me.. if that makes any sense

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    • they are just any other person*

    • Its not that I think they are great or anything its just that they make me feel excited and all these feelings that I dont normally have.. so its only natural for me to feel unsure how to act around them

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  • For me they need to have a good personality and there needs to be some sexual chemistry between us too.


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  • Hot guy, If I knew a girl didn't find me sexually attractive I'd want nothing to do with her ever.

    • yeah same. I want my girl to be very attracted to me or else I would feel terrible. I want her to be turned on by me ya know.

  • Well if you can afford to be choosy and you are willing to risk being played time and time again.. And or in and out of abusive relationships... Then bide your time... I'm sure you'll find a decent one eventually...

  • This isn't advice: Por que no los dos?

  • Go for the one that is loyal anddoesn't want a one night stand. (usually what hot guys are up to, because they've got many options so they'll take them all but it could be either)


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