Please read description below... What should I do?

My crush asked me to be his valentines, so he wants to take me to the mall for lunch and a movie.. So my mom is very, very, very strict.. ( I'm turning 14 btw)... I really want to go out on a date with him.. But i'm scared she'll say no :'( Please advise me on what I should do.


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  • you haven't even asked her yet. go ask her. there is almost no way you can possibly go on this date behind her back so just ask.


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  • Be super nice, do all the chores, clean up the house, etc.

    by the way maybe you can talk to your dad? (Is he less strict?) Tell him your situation and how much you really like this guy.

    Then when both your parents are sitting together bring it up and ask. Maybe he can help convince your mom.

  • If he really wants to take you on a date convince him to do it the old fashion way. Have him come to your house & he asks your mom & dad if it's okay if he takes you on a date.

    • I'm going to do that! :) Thank you

    • You're welcome. My mom was strict too & she said that was the only way she would let me go on a date with someone lol