Why am I depressed?

I dont know if it is because im 23 and have no idea where the fuck my life is going. Or two because I live with mother and sister who are both severly depressed, all they do is sit in the house 24/7, no vacations, fun family times, going out, being social. They both dont work and dont want to improve themselves and have extremely bad attitudes, This energy in this house is just SO DEPRESSING, im depressed and dont feel 'life' anymore. Im considering therapy. I dont have a car yet either, or my license. How can I not let time pass me by?


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  • No wonder you're depressed.

    You know it's your environment, start spending less time there and more time in places you like. Enjoy nature, see shows and such.

    You can always message me if you want someone to talk to. I went through a pretty bad depression myself a while back.

  • because you are selfish, enclosed in your own microcosm. if you get out of your shell and learn to spread happinessinstead of trying to suck it like a leech, you'll actually get the opposite of depresion.

    • its not selfish , its just that I feel like life has been literally sucked out of me. My mother literally drove me nuts

    • go live to your grandma or something and develop there

  • Set some sort of goal each day and do something about it, get some type of job to start with and get a car, make some friends


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