Do guys go for my friend because she's seen as easy and I'm not?

Not to sound conceited but I'm constantly told that I'm stunning and should model etc. Where I work people approach me telling me I need to change jobs because I'm too good to be there and that I look like a model. The problem is I've never had a boyfriend. I just don't seem to attract the guys that I would like, in fact no guys talk to me really except my friends who are guys. Now I have this best friend. Literally every few weeks she'll be talking to a new guy. She stays at guys houses and stuff and then decides she doesn't really want to be with them. The thing is, a guy she slept with and semi had a relationship with said that his friend wanted to sleep with her and she was actually considering this? I don't understand how guys can pass girls around so much. Do you think that he sees her as easy or actually likes her? What makes it worse is that I kind of had a crush/thing for this guy but knowing he wants to sleep with my friend isn't really very reassuring and kind of upsetting actually. Guys will always without fail go for her whilst I'm left in the background being a third wheel or feeling super ugly lol


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  • Yes. Easy is what a lot of guys crave. I'm not included.


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  • It's hard to say without knowing what yiu look like and what your friend looks like.

    However it is a real thing where guys will choose to get easy sex from a bunch of OK looking girl rather than having to invest time and emotions to get laid with a really beautiful girl.

  • "People always tell me" is very common, but actions speak louder than words. Your friend is actually getting the guys, that says to me that they maybe just find her more attractive.

    I don't want to sound rude, but it's my honest opinion. I don't think what people say often matches what they think and so the only way to know is by actions.

    • It's just annoying though because when I say always I mean ALWAYS ALWAYS. Like to a point I'm kind of fed up of hearing it, and I'm fed up of people staring at me when I walk down the street. Why can't boys just approach me instead

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