GUYS! Is he trying to re pursue me?

so my ex and i have been broken up for 6mths, pregnant with his baby. He has been blowing my phone up with sweet things, asking me to breakfast, told me that I have stayed in great healthy shape my pregnancy, told me Im his top priority. Asking me if I need him to do anything around my house that would help me out etc. Just been super about me, told me that he still really cares about me, etc. Is he trying to send suttle hints or am I reading into things?


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  • You mean subtle. Somethings up. Maybe a woman he was after rejected him or a girlfriend broke up with him. You need to go to court and get visitation settled and child support awarded

    • as in up to no good? I know he has a girlfriend, but he told her that he needs to focus on his child more so then their relationship, and that was a month ago. He has since bought everything major for the nursery, comes over and sets it all up etc

    • Not the same as court ordered child support. You also need to get court ordered visitation scheduled or he'll show up at any time demanding to see his kid. If you don't do these things you're a fool

  • I would chances are there, yes.

  • he's trying too be good dad don't ruin it women


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