I can't figure this chic out. Can you help me?

So for the past say month or two she has randomly went up to me and complimented me with a big grin. I've talked to her a few times and we have some things in common. She's super bubbly and energetic in person. Today, I went back in my art class to bring my work home and she was there. She seemed excited to see me and was smiling. She said "hey! It's you!" And she gave me a big hug. I decided she was plenty cute and thought fuck it, I'll get her number. So I texted her when I got home and she was super blunt the entire time. I was trying to carry the conversation on, but she didn't seem interested in talking to me at all. It's like her attitude towards me completely flipped. Can anyone tell me what's up here? I'm super confused.


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  • Some people are just more lively and better in person than texting

    • I'm pretty sure this is right. Since I posted this she's attempted to text me first and boy was it weird lol


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  • She's probably having a problem with something else that is totally unrelated to you in her life right now. But instead of hiding that while talking to you like she normally would IRL... she's carrying it over into yall's convo in the texting world.

    • IRL I know plenty of people like that like that from men to women alike...

  • It's difficult to say. Just keep being your normal self. See if she changes at all.