Red flags. do you think this girl would cheat?

she's madeout with a lot of guys, like a lot. she even told me she's a makeout and cuttle slut. she's a virgin though. im pretty sure she's made out with other guys since we started being a thing - at the least i know she's tried. were not offically together yet (were both taking it slow because we really like eachother) so its not like she has an obligation to me. i know she has no feelings for these guys and i don't judge her for her past, it just bothers me like maybe she wouldn't be loyal if we were actually in a relationship.


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  • Only time will tell if she will be, however she's made out with a lot of people okay so what-- the only hesitation I would have is if she liked me and only me.

  • 1. She could be just like that because she is not officially with you. Still if you guys are dating or on the verge of being something she shouldn't be doing that "Making out with other guys"

    2. She has no feelings for the guys but she calls herself a "make out and cuddle slut?"

    Just be VERY careful

  • Maybe she just does these things because you guys aren't official yet.
    I wouldn't end it because o that but just make sure that when you do get serious, that she needs to stop.

    (When I'm single I make out with people too and I have no feelings for them either, but I wouldn't do that in a relationship)


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