If a guy confides his feelings to you does that mean he likes you?

If a guy you have been flirting with/talking to online for a while confides in you that he has been feeling depressed is that a sign he likes you? He's told me in the past how uncomfortable and anxious he is to talk about his feelings so I felt like it was hard for him to do and wondered if there is meaning behind it? I really like him so if he might feel the same I would like to know.


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  • Well there is one thing that is definite which is he trust you, the first step to a relationship is trust, and feeling comfortable when talking to someone, which can be family member, best friend and even your partner, Best friends do flirt with each other but so does people that want to be partners with each other so i can't say 100% he has feelings for you but he does trust you and probably he might be trying to develop a way to head to the next stage? you know without putting you off and such.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes most likely means that yes he likes you.