What should I do about this situation?

So, I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years and she is the love of my life, I can't picture my life without her. but recently she has been hanging around with my best friend a lot, she went away for a week to his house (he lives in another town) and now that she's back he is staying at her house even when I leave... and when I am around neither of them really talk to me, they sing and talk to each other, am I just being paranoid or does this seem wrong to anyone else?


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  • Yeah that is a very awkward situation to be in. It just doesn't seem right at all. It may be her way of telling you that she is ready to see other people. So you might want to consider breaking up with her.


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  • This means it's time to find another girlfriend and a new best friend

  • yes that is very wrong, i would confront them both

    • How should I go about confronting her

    • Its only human nature to want to know, but trust your gut instinct hunni. And ask yourself, if you get an answer who is it hurting the most? Their both happy and pleased with themselves, that just leaves you too be hurt more and more

    • @merrywell in not sure I get what you mean

  • Ummm she's fucking your friend dude

    • You really think that?

    • Yea I do you don't stay at your boyfriend friends house for no reason unless you are cheating

    • So how should I approach them about this

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  • 3 years girlfriend and ur putting up with this bullshit?
    Stop deluding urself... if ur girlfriend gives any attention to any other guy when ur present... its a major red flag...
    tell her u dont like it and u won't put up with this bullshit.
    stand up for urself.

  • Yes that indicates that she might be losing interest in you.

    • How should I approach them about this?