Why is it that party girls are attracted to me?

I've been talking to a few girls who seem to go out and drink, party, and even smoke (weed) almost every weekend and it's unfortunate because I always attract those types of women. I really don't like dealing with them since in my opinion, they cannot be trusted. It's not like I first know that they are like this, it's that I eventually find out in the longrun when I start to get attached to them. This one girl I am talking to said that she's "having too much fun to stop partying and going out every weekend", when I told her I am kind of over that phase of partying every single night. Why is it so damn hard for me to find a woman who isn't like that?


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  • because you have matured and they haven't. you are looking to the future when the are stuck in the present

  • I feel you. Dont give up your search just, look in the places where there are women your type. You may have to chage your look. I've done so much since them days.