Boyfriend has a girl best friend that he dosnt want me to meet , and fights with me and sticks up for her and stops talking to me for her?

have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5years, we do get on very well and make each other laugh, he started his new job a year ago and straight away he became friends with some girl. He didn't even tell me I found out because I seen a text from her on his phone, I said nothing for weeks about her. but he was going out to town with her getting haircuts getting coffee just hanging out and getting food. He told me when I asked about her. I was fine at the start, I then asked him can I go out with yous some day? He said no. I said why not? I'll most likely get on with her he said no I don't want you to meet her you don't have to! So since that day we fight constantly about her. He gets so angry and defensive if I mention her or anything. he sticks up for her more then me, they do things more then me and him do. All he dose is bring me down to his house for sleepovers that's it. If I bring her up o talk about or ask he literally will stop talking to me, for about a week and call me a ' child stupid jealous ' and will happily text her on WhatsApp all day long and take ages replying to me. ( I no they text on whatsapp) he always said that she dosnt want to meet me so his days out with her are his days out and I stay at home. Now there is a catch.. he says she's a lesbian. Now I don't no because I don't no her. So I went for a walk last night with my friend we live near a gym , my boyfriend was at the gym I knew he told me. He never told me who he was going with. So there I see him and his girl mate power walking down towards his house. Back fron the gym. I was shocked. My friend was shocked my boyfriend text me saying I'm only out. I said yeah I seen you and Ness walking down the road to yours. He said ' where we're u!!!' I said just near the shops. I said why didn't you tell me she was going with you? He lost it ' do I have to fuc*ing tell you everything honestly pi** off your a child. and stoped texting me. Please help.


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  • I think you should change your boyfriend. It seems there's something going on between them. I don't understand why he would lose it like that, lie to you and not let you meet her? Okay if she doesn't want to meet you, then that is fine but at least she could be nice to you.


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  • Guys an obvious idiot


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