If a guy gives you his business card at work and stares in to your eyes, and says "you can call me anytime". Does that mean he is in to you?

So, I have interacted with this guy 3x at work. Each time we have had intense eye contact... the type of eye contact where I lose my train of thought and have to gather myself before talking lol. If I had to describe it to someone it would be love at first sight, but I'm not sure if I believe in that or not. Anyway the third time before leaving he gave me his business card, and said "you can call me anytime". What does this mean? Was it a subtle clue for me to call him being that we are at work with other people possibly listening? What would you recommend my next step be? I am interested in him, and I am pretty sure he is interested in me, but I need other opinions on how to read this.


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  • Call him. He gave you his number.


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  • I think he likes you. Maybe you could text him because a phone call might be a little awkward.