How to get a shy guy to break out of his shell?

I've been talking to a shy guy, he's really sweet and I think he's interested in me too... but he's shy so I'm the one that usually talks the most in our conversations and I'm running out of things to ask/talk about lol. I'd also like for him to ask me out since I'm shy too so I can't seem to be able to do it... but I don't know how to make it easier for him to do that? Any tips on dealing with a shy guy?


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  • Maybe try to bring up places you might be interested in being taken to or if you hang out with him maybe suggest you guys go somewhere while you are together

  • There really isn't anything you can do but give him time to open up. Maybe add him on Facebook and talk there. He could be more open on Facebook which could relate into him being more open when your in his company. Just keep trying eventually he will open up.


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