I've lost all hope, can someone help me?

I've honestly lost hope. I see all these people on Facebook in a relationship which looks amazing and then there is just me who has never had a girlfriend before.


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  • Try to focus your attention on your self. Try to improve your self for the first girl you will have. Think about a career, girls want a guy with a career. Think about what a good or great personality looks like. Try to be that. Try to work on improving you, and when you are awesome, the girls will come to you. Work on being funny, smarter, more mature, empathy, caring, understanding personality, someone who makes everyone they meet feel important and liked, and your charisma. Work on your integrity, morals and standards. Girls like a guy who knows what he stands for is right, and knows what standards he wants in a girl.
    It takes time, start now. Then hopefully you will be awesome and your future girlfriend will think so yoo.


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  • Your a kid ffs. Fuck Facebook and all those other retarded online joke lives that people live. Get dressed up and hit a gig or go to a club. Live a little. You should have at least one co-pilot at your age willing to do some fucked up things. Go forth and do them. When your having a good time girls happen in the process.


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  • Social media is just distorting your view. There are a lot of people not in a relationship. Of course, people post positive images, they won't show you what's going on behind the scenes. Relationships take work to be successful.


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  • You're under 18 and still have more time for that stuff. I'm 24 and I've never had a girlfriend before either.

  • You see all the people who are in a relationship but you don't see all the people who are not in a relationship.

    Social media is distorting your evaluation.

    (PRO-Tip: Delete facebook, get away from your computer and put yourself out there)