Is he going to call me again?

I was dating this guy casually for about two months. For the past week or so, I haven't really heard from him. He's replied to texts I've sent, but not phone calls. I'm not going to call him anymore, since he's clearly not interested enough. Is there any chance that he will call again in the future? Or is it most likely completely over?


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  • He may be having a bad week or might have a lot on his plate. Us girls always assume that because he doesn't call for a few days/ week, it must be us. No... Not necessarily. Relax, give him a call, see how he's going, listen to his tone of voice. If you think something is up, ask him how his weeks been, suggest catching up....

    Looking at the complete other side, if he hesitates, doesn't seem keen....then get to the point, ask him "so you're not keen on catching up anymore?"

    If he isn't, well honey...he does not deserve you (His loss)

    :-) xx


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  • There's a 50/ 50 chance , but I wouldn't count on this guy actually ''coming around''. He sounds flaky and trust me I know flaky . . . Don't call or text him if your worth it ( which I assume you are) he'll come around , but then again the ? is will you want him around ?? Probably not he doesn't sound like the type of man any woman would want around at the moment.

  • Honestly he's not interested. If he was he'd be confident that even if he was having a bad week that you'd support him. I wouldn't wait by the phone.