Girls, Would you have a relationship with a guy that is your age that has not much of a social life?

Basically I have almost no social life (only 2-3 friends since high school that also have other friends so even they ignore me sometimes) for arguable reasons thats its not worth discussing here (anxiety, depression, and just plain shyness sometimes). Im slowing starting to fight back and feel better myself but i dont think anyone other than my parents notices since even now i dont go out that often cause I have very little friends.
So enough excusing myself, would you have a relationship with a guy who has a very small social circle or find him a loser? I need to add here that other than that I dont think there's anything wrong with me and I even think i have many positive charasteristics (being confident is one of them even though im not confident everywhere eg:the no social life part :D)


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  • hmmm, well I wouldn't automatically turn him away just because of that, but after giving a relationship a shot I'm not sure if it would work out. I'm not a partier and there are many nights when I would rather just sit at home instead of going out. However, I do like to spend time with my friends, and my family is very close so we have a lot of family functions. I would like to be able to bring my partner to these family functions. Also, even though there are some nights I just want to stay home in my pajamas, I don't like to do that every night, and I think it's fun to treat yourself every once in a while and go out the movies or to dinner or to have a spontaneous adventure. So if my partner never wanted to go out, or wasn't interested in spending time with my friends or family, then we're just not compatible.

    • No you missed my point a little there in "however" part. Im not antisocial i just dont have many friends (and my family is basically only my parents). I dont have a social life cuase i have been left alone. Yes maybe i let myself get left alone but i didn't do it on purpose. It just kinda happened.

    • you mentioned "just plain shyness" so I wasn't sure if that meant you were introverted and didn't want to go out all the time (nothing wrong with being introverted, just that extreme introverted is not compatible with my life style) Anyway yeah, if you're willing to go out and do stuff with me and make a social life out of that, then that's fine!


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  • Yeah I wouldn't mind. I prefer introverted men but id rather he have his own idea of "fun."
    He has to make up for it like be super intelligent or have a really cool hobby or something.

  • Definitiely... 2 years ago I really had absolutely no social life (homeschooled then anxiety) but I'm getting a lot better now. Everyones different it's not a problem :)

  • Definitely I would. I barely have any friends offline either tbh. So as long as he doesn't think i'm a loser it's potentially good times :)